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                         2016                                     2019   

2015                                        2018

The Oldfield's are Tanja & Ralf with their daughters Sarah & Jessy.


More or less by chance, we came across this project in 2015 and were immediately hooked because our eldest was on skis for the first time when he was 3 years old on the Feldberg.


Actually planned for completion in 2016, the project gave us some stomach aches, but we always believed in the great success of the location during the entire construction period.


The patience paid off and since November 2019 we have been renting.

In addition to skiing, our great passion is the USA and we fulfilled our dream of a vacation home in Florida in the same year.


So if you are looking for a nice quarter for the summer, visit our other website at







We would be happy to welcome you as a guest and look forward to your booking.

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